a story about being gentle to yourself


Jamie, a very tired, very gay comic artist, is about to hit rockbottom... until a mystery comes knocking at his door: Jay, a barista with big dreams and a heart of gold, who will see him as a soul as pure as it can get.A tale of self-love and mental health.

For the first time ever, Familiar will be
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as someone who’s never had the privilege of falling in love yet, there are days when i feel lonely and a quiet kind of longing.... but then here comes [ale's] art and it’s like a warm blanket of comfort and reassurance that someday i’ll get my turn [at being loved,] too! it makes me look forward to being loved and it inspires me to work a little harder just like jamie and jay. that’s the kind of beauty [that ale is] bringing into the world ♡

i love the au, i love the representation of the trans community, and how you portray it. as a cis white female that lives in a very small conservative town, i’m truly not exposed to those who use different pronouns than their biological gender. it’s really hard for me to get their pronouns right, and i think that your au kind of exposes me to it.... i love everything about this au.

I’ve been reading [Familiar] and, as someone who is heterosexual, I love how you brought up Jamie’s struggles in the latest chapter and [made] Jamie someone [that people] can relate to and feel represented [by]. My respect for transgender [people] and the entire LGBTQ+ community has grown and still does as I continue learning and seeing [Jaymie's] experiences as well as being happy for them for finding their true (gender) identity despite their insecurities/doubts ♡


Ale (@zachstaph)

Ale, a very tired, very gay comic artist, is about to hit his big break with his first, self-published, original comic: Familiar!Born and raised in Costa Rica, Ale (he/they) is a Latin American artist who draws comics, fan art, and more. A lover of all things cute and domestic, Ale brings his art and stories to life with those vibes—creating the perfect touch of home.

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Cara (@carajay1317)

Cara (she/her) is based in the USA and has experience in producing, financing, and moderating over 40+ zines and other projects. She’s absolutely beyond thrilled to help bring Familiar to audiences around the world!

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